Single or LP?

When I was a kid I bought a single, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I must confess it was a MC Hammer tape.  I listened to it repeatedly, but because it was just one song (really two, the tape had a B-side, but you understand) the effect of the song was lacking because I was initially drawing from less.  Albums take you on a journey; give you much more to think about, to sing about.

In our Christian life are we looking for the next single to get us through the day?  Or are we taking the time and making the effort to listen to an album?  There are many offers for quick fixes; just turn on the TV, take a walk through a book store, or leaf through a magazine.  As Christians we are challenged to not just run the quick sprint, but to “do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.”

What is your iPod playing?  Is the latest single on loop, or are we working our way through an album?


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