So here’ a little something

As I was doing some work the other day “Follow Where I Go” popped up on my playlist.

I remember when Andy played it for the first time.  He played the main guitar riff and I really dug it.  Andy talked about how he saw it as a song that would close out an album.  At the time we were doing our FIRST recording of The Redaction (pre-EP).  And as a band we were not quite as good as the song, Andy rightly held onto it… Finally we included “Follow” on The Redaction‘s album When I’m Through Making Peace.  I think it is a great song, one of Andy’s best, and just want to share this performance of it with you.  The video was taken by my brother, Aaron, in St. Louis.  After we finished this show (about 3 am CENTRAL), we drove straight back to the ATL and I then continued on back to Rock Hill, SC, a pleasant 800 mile trip.


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