Some music I dig

I love jazz.  Jazz is something I’ve always listened to, not just what I put on when people are coming over to appear chic…  And I really enjoy singers.  Good singers, singers that take a song and twist it to their soul.  Singers that use their voice as a part of the band, rather than sing with a band supporting them.  Here are a few that move me:

Kurt Elling.  Such an amazing vocalist, one of the first singers I listened to that did vocalese in a way I enjoyed.  He came to Spoleto a few years ago, did I get to see him?  No I was working on a project for a class I had put off (last time I procrastinated like that), but Jermaine, a friend went and was so kind to let me hear a bit.  Here he is :

Nina Simone.  I have always felt her voice is so tender, the fear that is will be broken is always there when I listen to her.

Kevin Mahogany!  He has a sweet baritone, and I saw him at the Savannah Jazz Festival a few years ago.  It was an amazing set.

Dee Dee Bridgewater. A great vocalist, and I especially love her album, Dear Ella, a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald.

I hope you have enjoyed.  I did.

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