Tom Conlon

I am a fan of Tom Conlon.  I first heard him at the Wesley Foundation a few years ago, where he comes through on tour annually.  He has a striking voice, is a great (and really amazing when he lets loose) guitarist, and writes awesome songs.  His last album, Lonely For the Sun, is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while – and he recorded it on his iPhone!  And because he recorded it on his iPhone he had to really strip down the orchestration, keep it real simple.  So the songs are just pure, nothing extraneous, only what the songs needs to be.  But not only is Tom a gifted musician, he is genuinely a really nice guy.

St. John’s in Fort Mill was fortunate to have him share some of his talents this past September and the congregation loved him. Young, old, male, female, fun-loving folks, and even those that like to be less than fun-loving; everyone seemed to respond to Tom in a positive and real way.

So if you like real solid songwriting, delivered in a straight forward earnest manner, check out Tom Conlon.


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