Worship without Working?

Yesterday morning Narcie was asked to preach the 8.30 am service at St. John’s in Fort Mill and I tagged along.  It was the first time in a few years that I attended a worship service without helping lead, and I must confess, it felt a little odd.  What was I supposed to do with myself?  Just sit here and worship?!

It was a lot of fun.  I got to sit there and chat with the folks around me in the pews, look around and notice things in the church that I’m not able to on most Sunday mornings, and relax.  And it was great fun taking part in a traditional worship service, something that most Sunday’s I’m not able to do.

The main things was my focus.  I was really focused on worship and what the message was rather than thinking other things (did someone welcome that family I don’t recognize, are the lights right, is the mic ok, is my music ready for the next song, how’s the sound, is the video clip ready, what’s the next song’s tempo, is is cool/warm enough, are there enough snacks in the baskets…).  And without those other tasks cluttering my mind, I feel like I got much more out of the sermon.  In fact I felt more refreshed the rest of the day.

I wonder how my spiritual life would be different if I tried to attend some worship services simply as a worshiper?  That is something I find hard to do.  Not just to find the time, but just to worship.  Because I find myself always looking for ways to improve worship in The Journey at St. John’s in Fort Mill.  So even when I’m just a participant, I’ll look for things to steal glean.  Be that as it may, I am going to try for the rest of this year to just attend some different worship services, let’s see what happens.

How do other preachers, worship leaders, choir members & perpetual participants do it?  Where do they seek their spiritual nourishment?


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