Howard Gardner, Curtis Mayfield, and the Church

Howard Gardner is a psychologist who developed the theory of multiple intelligences.  In his theory there are eight intelligences, (linguistic, logic-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal) and we each have different levels of intelligence within these different areas.  Gardner’s theory was intended for his colleagues within the realm of psychology, but it was fully embraced by educators who felt that traditional IQ testing did not truly represent the whole of a person’s intelligence; in fact it acted as a cornerstone for the education curriculum I studied while at Winthrop University.

Why do I mention this…because I am no writer.

The English language always seems to perplex me, and I doubt I will ever be a really effective writer.  Perhaps this is due to the decade I lived in Alabama…kidding.  But music; melody, harmony, form, orchestration, that is a language I understand.  In fact during one of my attempts to write this article I was listening to a little Curtis Mayfield and became distracted, leaving my desk to sit down at the piano.  Twenty minutes later, sitting on the piano was a Memphis soul/Stax-sound style arrangement of “Away in a Manger,” and still no newsletter article…

But there are those who are great writers, for which sitting down and banging out a few hundred words takes little to no effort.  There are those who can look upon an open field and see what could be, and still more with the talents to do many great things of which I have no understanding.  Yet each of us, from very different backgrounds, with talents in a vast array of areas, is called upon to be a part of the Kingdom of God.  Each of us is loved by God and has the talents to do great things through God.  And with these gifts we should look to share God’s love as a church.  For, as the hymn In Christ there is no East or West says, “All Christly souls are one in him, through-out the whole wide earth.”

And just a little something extra…  What was I listening to that moved me so that I had to get up and go to the piano?  Curtis Mayfield’s So in Love, but alas I couldn’t find it when I was typing this up.  So here’s a cool rendition of his song People Get Ready (which we do at St. John’s on occasion) – mind you he write this before John Mayer wrote Waiting on the World to Change…


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