Recently, I needed some to help finish a song.

First understand the song is in a 50s/60s men’s vocal group style; think doo-wop.  Now I’ve listened to plenty of music from that time, and have sung my share of it, but it is not how I innately think about music.  And harmonies from that time have a special ring to them.  Maybe it was the way folks sang, spending time on the street corners having to project; perhaps it is in the simple way things were recorded or the limitations of the gear of the time; I dunno my folks were still in grade school then…  But the point is singing was different then.  And the harmonies I would write, never felt right, everything felt just a little forced.  I realized the song lacked authenticity.

So to create an authentic song, I’ve enlisted some men who came to age during that time.  And the first rehearsal was a lot of fun – Rick came up with some great harmonies and Dave did an awesome job with the lead.  The song takes lyrics from the hymns People Look East & There’s a song in the air, and the music is super simple; it will be great fun.

We’re going to be doing People Look East/Love – I promise I’ll come up with a better title by then – during worship in The Journey at SJFM on December 12, come on out and join us!

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