Please no more referencing U2!

It happened again.  I was reading an article in which music was discussed, and some nameless band was compared to guess who…


I love U2.  I was in late middle school/early high school when I became aware of U2.  I remember the local DJs making fun of Bono because his activism – this was around the ZooTv time, and I almost went to see them on their POP tour (finally saw then on Vertigo, awesome!).  Now as an “adult” and a “real” musician, I appreciate them even more.  I love how they are honest about their recording process and openly discuss their creative process and craft in the studio.  Also they always seem to be true to who they are and make no excuses.

So I’m a big fan.  But I am so very tired of music writers directly referencing U2 when discussing some unknown band.  U2 is the biggest band of this generation, of course they have had an effect on countless bands.  It is like saying, “The Beatles have had a large effect on pop music today.”  Really?  And the use of heavily delayed guitars (like what the Edge does) is a great way to get around not actually playing the guitar well!!!  So there are tons of guitar players like me that use it to get around having to put serious time into rehearsal.

Here’s a suggestions music writers – when you’re reviewing a band that uses the sonic devices employed by the Edge try saying, “[INSERT BAND NAME] uses heavily delayed ambient guitars with soaring guitar riffs to create a sweeping canvas for [INSERT SINGER] to sing over.”

But in Christian magazines it seems U2 gets name dropped way more than other news stand music magazines.  U2 seems to be the go to band to reference that is outside of the “Contemporary Christian” categories but still safe enough to have in a Christian publication.  They get mentioned when “Non-Christian-Street-Cred” is needed.  Trying to appeal to youth that you’re hip (and if you use that word w/out any irony you should check yourself) – talk about how you loved U2 on the Super Bowl.  Writing an article about a Christian band and want it to seem safe to listen to in the car with other people – say they’re like…U2!!!

I don’t mean to sound so snarky, but I have counted seven separate references to U2 (eight if you count the one made to Coldplay – which sound a whole lot like U2 but with a piano) in a Christian magazine.

Come on…

Here’s a clip of U2 sounding like U2 in a song that deals with issues like only U2 can…


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