Awake My Soul

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love, you invest your life
Awake, my soul.
You were made to meet your maker.

These are the closing lyrics from the Mumford and SonsAwake My Soul off their album Sigh No More. I bring these lyrics to our attention because Mumford and Sons is not a “Christian Band.”  They do not write music aimed for worship, nor are they on the Christian music tour scene, and I doubt they will make an appearance in a church any time soon.  And let me give a quick disclaimer: They do use a “wordy-durd” or two and the album can be very dark.  Frankly I don’t really give a damn if they swear , but a parent of a nine year old would, and I have had my son walk around the house shouting, “Damn it!”   However, I feel there is much that is worshipful within the songs on Mumford’s album (in fact Awake My Soul is being used by many congregations across the country).  Liz Riggs wrote an article for Relevant Magazine entitled, “When the Secular is Sacred.”  The article discussed how many bands and artists today who are not on a Christian Label, or do not claim their music as “Christian,” are posing questions about faith yearning for a deeper relationship with our God in their music in a very real way.

How often do we look at the sunset and see the glory of God?  How often do we look into the eyes of a child and see the awesome Love of Christ?  How often do we look around our world and see the power and majesty of God?

There are places outside the walls of our church where we have felt the presence of God, or been taught to be aware of God’s presence.  Are we offering God the opportunity to work through others, who in our eyes may not look and/or sound like an instrument of God?  A dialogue about our faith may sound very different today, than in days gone by.  Are we willing not to be of the world, but to bring those who are of the world into the community of believers as they are, and not wait to embrace them until they have put on their Sunday Best?

Luke 11:5-13 tells the story of a friend in need who knocks on the door to ask for bread in the middle of the night for an unexpected guest.  Our heavenly Father is more than ready to offer the Spirit for those who ask; are we as believers in Christ as willing to share with those who are seeking?

Marcus Mumford, of Mumford & Sons, was asked about the spiritual overtones in his music and he responded saying faith is something to be celebrated.

Let us embrace those who are near the end, in the depths of, or just embarking upon their journey of faith.
May we awaken our souls in celebration of the Lord.

Here is Mumford & Sons performing an in-house version of Awake My Soul.


2 thoughts on “Awake My Soul

  1. I’m called a christian but I here words from there songs that are truly amazing. I have a religion its jesus. If u know him u can listen to these songs an easily understand where they are coming from. Yea they cursed in little lion but I’m not one to judge. In fact when they did that it was the first time I heard them on radio!!!! Haha!!!!! I’m learning to play after the storm. My fav!! Revelations babyyyyy!!!!

    1. Yeah I think it is a really powerful song – and there are so many artists out there today that are wrestling with with questions of faith – but are on non-christian labels so they may be overlooked by the greater Christian community. Thanks for reading man!

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