Pug, the Prodigal Cat

Perhaps Narcie and I should have named Enoch, our three year old son, Hercules; because he is crazy strong.  The other day he slammed the front door shut after “helping” get the mail and in doing so damaged the door knob.  So now the door may or may not actually shut when you close it, you should know this because:

The other day while I was at rehearsal Narcie and the kids were playing in the front yard.  It was the first day in a while in which we could make use of the beautiful green grass.  Everyone was in and out as children will do and somehow in the midst of the adventures of the evening, Pug, Narcie’s long-haired Persian cat, escaped.

When I got home the kids were about ready for bed and Narcie mentions how she hasn’t seen Pug in a while, so we look around the house I we realize: Pug is gone.

Enoch became very upset, crying: Puggy, where are you?!

We searched within the neighborhood to no avail, we could not find the cat.  And of course Enoch was very sad, he even came down in the night asking for Pug and saying, “Pug is lost.”  Narcie and I weren’t too concerned, that stinkin’ cat has pulled this stunt before – but he is 15 years old, and it was real windy outside.

Well the next morning Pug had not returned, and I took a sad little boy to pre-school.  But hooray!  On the way back home after dropping off Enoch I got a text from Narcie saying, “Pug is back.”  Upon picking Enoch up from school I said, “Guess who came back Enoch? Pug!”  And his face lit up with the biggest smile.  When we got to the house he found the adventurous cat and exclaimed, “Pug!  You came home!”

With that I was struck by how the father of the Prodigal Son must have felt.  You know the story, and if you don’t, check it out HERE.

When Enoch smiled that huge grin with just the word of Pug’s return, I could imagine the Prodigal’s father running to meet him on the road and calling for the feast.  And Enoch’s exclamation of, “Pug you came home!” gave just a peep into the happiness the Father must have felt when his Lost Son was then found.  Which is just a glimpse of the Love our God has for us.  Let us never forget it is because of this Love, God gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die, John 3:16.

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