Meet Glen Campbell

I have a deep dark secret.

It is something I have tried to keep quiet for years.

This secret is something that could bring shame upon my family.

I am a Glen Campbell fan.

So there it is, I’m a Glen Campbell fan, yes the guy who sang, “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy…”  Who looks super squeaky clean and then a few years ago had the most horribly awesome mug shot.  Yeah, that Glen Campbell, cowboy hats, rhinestones and all.

I have always felt he has one of the just most pleasant voices to listen to.  His voice has this quality that (for my ears) is like wrapping yourself in silk, or something luxurious and comforting.

The old way - w/ musicians

He released an album of covers recently and I feel it is great – the album is called Meet Glen Campbell.  Now first, it is a testament to the “old way” of recording.  Start with a talent, give said talent great songs, use top-notch arrangers to arrange songs to suit talent’s particular gifts and styling, then hire the best musicians – press record.

And let’s not forget, Glen Campbell is more than just a pretty voice with coming from a pretty face.  He knows his stuff.  Mr. Campbell was a studio musician who worked on all kinds of music, most notable the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.  And when Brian Wilson decided he’d rather play in the sandbox than go on tour, it was Glen who filled in on the road.

On Meet Glen Campbell he covers a very wide spectrum of songs, but all with that Glen Campbell style and sound.  Somehow songs written by the likes of Tom Petty, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Jackson Brown, Lou Reed, U2, and John Lennon all sound like songs written for the one and only Glen Campbell.  On this record you can hear even after all the years (and mileage Campbell has put on himself) Glen still has a marvelous voice.  The songs I’ll leave on repeat from this album are, Sing, Angel Dream, All I Want is You, and Jesus.

Here’s my favorite song off Meet Glen Campbell, “Sing”


And I couldn’t resist…


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