New York

Recently the Winthrop Wesley Foundation, along with other Wesley Foundations from across South Carolina went to New York City for a mission trip.  But these are a little different kind of mission trips… Rather than doing a bunch of manual labor to help others we took part in the United Methodist Seminar program.  With the seminar program we learn about different issue and listen to those who are taking action at the ground level and hear how they are dealing with the issues affecting them and how they are going about crating change for the better.

Our group was broken into three smaller ones; one groups was down in the the Lower East Side, one in Harlem, and the one I was a part of spent a lot of time in the Bronx.  I had never been in the Bronx so it was very exciting to simply see a side of NYC I had never seen before.  It was such a fascinating place!  In the Bronx we met with Intikana and some wonderful folks from the Rebel Diaz Art Collective, and also attended a Rally for a Living Wage.  It was really a fascinating trip and it is always humbling to see how how people are living out their faith in very real ways.

These are just some pics – some are the touristy things we did, others are not.  Enjoy!

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