A Morning Prayer

We take pause in our week to give thanks and praise to you Lord.
We recognize we are often too busy for you and at times check our faith at the door.

We offer our prayers of thanksgiving for the joys in our lives.
For the gifts of life, and especially for new life.

We rejoice in the Fellowship we share with others.

We also pray for those whose lives may be full of chaos, turmoil, or uncertainty;
but we take refuge in the knowledge of your unending Love.

We pray especially for those experiencing loss.
Loss of a job, friend, their health.

We pray for the nations; paying close attention to those around the world experiencing political unrest.

We pray for those affected by natural disasters.

We pray for the oppressed, those without a voice.

We thank you Lord for your Grace and the enduring Love
you have shown us through your Son, Jesus Christ.

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