When I was in studying music in college everyone knew who the best musicians were.

Those that could play a solo and leave you wondering: Where does that come from?

What always struck me about those that had true talent (not just those being looked upon favorably by faculty) was their humility and willingness to teach.  They took the time needed to improve their craft, but would also take the time to try to make someone else better.

Augustine of Hippo wrote, “The way to Christ is first through humility, second through humility, third through humility.  If humility does not precede and accompany and follow every good work we do, if it is not before us to focus on, if it is not beside us to lean upon, if it is not behind us to fence us in, pride will wrench from our hands any good deed we do at the very moment we do it.”

Such humility was present in the musicians I admired in school.

In the years since graduation many of the folks I went to school with have moved on to very successful careers in music – especially those who possessed the determination to succeed coupled with a real humility.

This humility is also required of us as Christians.  Matthew 6:1  says: Be careful that you don’t practice your religion in front of people to draw their attention.

Let us display our talents in service of the Lord.  Teach others all we know so that they might take advantage of what has been learned.  And through it all, let us display the Humility Augustine of Hippo spoke of during the 5th Century.


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