There is no “I” in Team.

Man I always hated hearing a coach say that phrase (and yes I was that punk that would respond with: But there is in WIN!).  Of course those coaches simply wanted less hot-dogging and more team play.  Because a good team will most always beat great individual play – did you catch the Miami/Dallas NBA Finals?  After all the hype of LeBron and D Wade and Chris Bosh  – the BIG THREE!!!  Not 6, 5, 4…   The team that all the talking heads on ESPN quickly admit have the best talent available assembled onto one team, a Super Team if there ever was one.  But still not able to beat a team that plays as a team (granted the Mavs have their own super stars).

The other morning I was reading in Exodus and read the story of how Israel defeats Amalek.  Pretty wild story.  (Ex. 17: 8-16).  It occurs right after Moses strikes the Rock and water pours out for the people of Israel to have a drink.  But in this story of Amalek Moses goes to the hilltop with Aaron and Hur as Joshua leads the army of Israel in battle.  Whenever Moses raises his hands to the heavens and lifts his staff Israel begins to win, but when he lowers them Amalek begins to win.

I would love to have seen what this discovery looked like…  (and yes, I do imagine Moses in the likeness of Charlton Heston) Except the battle lasts a little longer than Moses has the strength to keep his hands raised.  So first Aaron and Hur get him a stone to sit on, then they actually hold up Moses’ hands to the heavens – keeping his staff up!  It was only with the help of Aaron and Hur that Moses could keep his staff raised, giving Joshua and the army of Israel the victory over Amalek.

Total team work.

They all worked together.  God’s victory came through the people of Israel coming together and working as one.  No one person in that situation could win by themself.  Joshua and the army was outmatched, and Moses could not hold his staff without the help of two others.

Together – the victory was won by the Grace of God.


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