And Your Praise Goes On

Below is a video from The Journey at St. John’s Church in Fort Mill, SC.  It is from July 3, and is a stripped down version of our music team leading worship with the Chris Rice song, “And Your Praise Goes On.”  It is one of my favorites, and always seems to make chills dance across my neck.

I love this song because of the nature of the melody.  The gentle rise and fall, a great deal of…majesty, without being bombastic.  Also the song can easily shift into different feels, sometimes with a gentle guitar driven accompaniment, other times being a full band explosion of emotion, or like here: simple piano & bass.  A couple things Rice does technically are he mixes the meter, and serves the melody without being locked into a 4/4 feel.  Rather Rice switches to 2/4 for the ease of the melody.  And I love how the lyrics, though at times are of a “chorusy” nature; are not the same, and creating a through composed feel.  Not only that, but the verses are different lengths – again – Rice serves the song and lyric rather than the formulaic process for writing a song.

Just a great song.


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