Under Pressure

I’m one of those guys who is drawn by some sort of mystical force to SportCenter – all the time.  Yes, after an hour it is the same thing over and over, and after a while you can see the “correspondents” glass over as they give their “reports,” again.  But I can’t stop.

Was that the first step in admitting I have a problem?

But moving on.

During the Women’s World Cup there was a Nike commercial that ran all the time.  Hope Solo was speaking of all the pressure that has been placed upon them as a team, and how they thrive under that pressure.  That team was certainly under a huge amount of pressure.  The US Women’s Soccer Team is historically good (unlike the Men’s), and after the excitement generated by the Men’s World Cup more folks were tuning in to watch.  What an amazing amount of pressure – which apparently makes them, here’s the ad:

I wonder what kind of pressure Joshua (of Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho fame) felt?  Throughout the Exodus he and the armies of Israel had Moses watching their backs.  Then when it was time to cross the River Jordan, Moses was told he would not pass go and collect $200, Joshua was going to take command.  Then there in Joshua 1 the Lord tells Joshua:

Now get ready to cross over the Jordan with this entire people to the land that I am going to give to the Israelites. 3 I am giving you every place where you set foot, exactly as I promised Moses. 4 Your territory will stretch from the desert and the Lebanon as far as the great Euphrates River, including all Hittite land, up to the Mediterranean Sea on the west. 5 No one will be able to stand up against you during your lifetime. I will be with you in the same way I was with Moses. I won’t desert you or leave you. 6 Be brave and strong, because you are the one who will help this people take possession of the land, which I pledged to give to their ancestors.  Joshua 1: 2-6 CEB

Yikes!  That is some pressure.

I wonder how I’d respond to something like that?  (Probably faint)

How would you? (You’d probably be awesome)

Would you or I take that authority and push to do things far beyond our capabilities to ensure the safety and prosperity for future generations?  Or would we sit back and have the most awesome Wii tournaments because, “No worries, God’s got our back.”

But Joshua did push on and try to make things better.  Dude, he headed to Jericho next!  He did not rest and maintain the status quo.  Perhaps we should take this as a cue, and not rest on out laurels.

Rather, in faith strive to make a positive impact each and every day.


And because I have a hard time ever reading or saying the word PRESSURE with out hearing that bass line.  You know, the one Vanilla Ice “borrowed” for Ice, Ice Baby


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