What does that say about me?

The other morning I hopped out of the van and I couldn’t help but to look down in the door of the van (That’s right I said it, VAN! I’m rocking the Mom-Jean of vehicles, the SWAGGER-WAGON!).  And in case you’re wondering – it happens to be what every musician who has to haul tons of gear needs, and the automatic doors are so convenient!)  So I looked down where all the CD cases are and let me tell you, it was a random collection.  Mozart, not one, but TWO Phineas and Ferb soundtracks, a couple albums Gungor, John Mayer, James Brown, Beatles, Miles Davis, Monk, Pink, Katy Perry.  What does that say about me?

Well, I’m not sure.

Perhaps I have eclectic  tastes in music, or I have no musical identity.  Then again, I have always said I do not discriminate who I steal from (musically that is).  I know that I love rock music, after all I played in a rock band for several years, and did sleep in the back of the van in the woods while on the road.  I love classical music, the order and structure just presents things in a way that cannot be matched today.  Then again Miles Davis always puts me in a certain frame of mind and the tone of his horn always brings me in.  But R&B always gets my blood moving in a way that nothing else can (literally some of that sweet soul music).

I know some that music is incredibly vapid and musically inferior to some things, but as Prokofiev said, “There are still so many beautiful things to be said in C Major.”  Sometimes it is the most simple song that stirs my soul.  I love Gungor’s song Beautiful Things – and it is so easy.  But the simplicity is striking, it is the feature component of the song.  There are no modulations, no dramatic shifts in mode, no…

What is it about music that stirs the soul?

What is a Swagger Wagon?  Check it out:


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