All Creatures…

In the spirit of the last post…  Here’s a song from worship in The Journey this past week.  I really do love hymns, and this is an arrangement by David Crowder, who has written many.  In fact the other week in worship, I realized all but one song were arrangements of hymns.

What sets the old hymns apart?  Well, many have stood the test of time.  Separating what was popular from what is truly great.  Also the theological depth in many of the hymns are vastly deeper than many of the popular Contemporary Christian songs we hear today.  Now there are many out there doing great stuff, Gungor, Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching to name a few.  But let’s face it, far too many songs have a simplistic chorus of praise.  We should expect more of our songwriters today.

So here’s a great, and very old hymn, heard anew:

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