Little things

I taught elementary music for four years.  All in very, very, very, low socioeconomic schools.  Bear in mind I was hired literally days before the first day of school started, and I probably had a little wide-eyed look and one of those teachers who had been around forever pulled me off to the side.  She gave me some rather sage advice:

Always be aware of what you are doing and saying.  Everything you do is being taught as what is to be done.  And take time for all your students, the smallest thing you do might be a momentous occasion in the life of a child.

I tell this because I’ve just started reading Jon Acuff’s new book Quitter.  Great book so far.  The perfect book for those about to graduate and those who’ve been out of college/high school a decade and are still feeling a longing for something more.

Acuff is a writer.  And in this section I read the other day he tells the story of when that spark was ignited.

His 3rd grade teacher charged him with the task of writing a book.  This apparently wasn’t a class assignment, just something she gave him to do.  Upon completion this teacher bound the book, laminated it, and then simply presented it to the young Acuff.  There was no hoopla, just the giving of a book.

This moment opened Acuff’s world to what could be.

For those who work in churches or profess to be followers of Christ we must be aware that we are always teaching.  Our actions, no matter how minute, are a reflection of Christ’s teachings.  Does that mean we shouldn’t make mistakes, no.  Because we are fallen – we’re going to mess up.  And even in those moments we are teaching others about the Grace and Forgiveness Christ offers to all.

Let us remember that we should not waste any moment to make a difference in any life.


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