One family’s story

A few weeks ago someone from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition randomly contacted me, yeah – random.  What they had was a preview of the episode that is to air this Friday, October 21 at 8.00 pm on ABC.

If you haven’t ever seen Extreme Makeover: Home Edition I highly encourage you to carve out an hour this Friday.  The show follows Ty Pennington and his team of builders/designers as they travel the country and rebuild homes for people in the midst of great struggles.  Homes are rebuilt to suit the needs that may have arisen from a great tragedy, or the challenges an individual may be a part of.  It is always a testament of the struggles we face, the hope that people have in the depths of adversity, and the faith we have in each other.

This Friday, the show will visit the Keefer family.  The tragedy that happened in their family was their highly athletic son Brian, experienced a gymnastics injury, and was then paralyzed from the neck down.  He was told it is highly unlikely that his will gain the ability to walk again; but his family has decided undertake the challenge and fully decided to support him as he continues college (Dad has moved in with Brian and assists) – and is also pursuing aggressive therapy – which is paying off!

But unfortunately the Keefer family house is not adequate for the needs that Brian has, as he is currently confined to a wheel chair.  The house is not very accessible, and does not afford Brian much independence.

So Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew arrived to assist in rebuilding their home to allow Brian to continue his therapy, gain independence, and hopefully walk out the front door one day soon.

As a treat to the family while the house is being rebuilt, they are sent away on a vacation of sorts.  Brian had the opportunity to compete with others who have lost mobility, and you can see the spark in his eyes light up.  The thrill of competition was alive in him – something that had been taken away by his accident.

The house has been radically renovated.  It is fully accessible for Brian, fully updated, beautifully designed and decorated, and will give the Keefer family new life.  There have been modifications to help Brian in his therapy, gain independence, and allow the family to share in fellowship with each other and friends.

One thing I always take away from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is the great effort people put into helping someone else.  I’m reminded by Philippians 2:4, “Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others.”  As Christians we are called to help others, to have an active faith, in service to others.  To see this in action is always beautiful.

This Friday at 8.00 pm on ABC, you can see folks in action – putting someone else’s good ahead of theirs.  And in one quick hour we can share in the joy and renewed hope given to Brian and the Keefer family by the rebuild of their home.  I hope you are inspired be the gift given to this family to seek out opportunities in your community to give back in some way, to “Contribute to the needs of God’s people.” (Romans 12:13)

And if anything, celebrate the joy that has been given to one family in love.


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