Bon Iver

Two times a year I am inundated with albums from my wife.  Christmas and my birthday.  This year was no exception, my wife got me many wonderful albums that I have really enjoyed listening to.  One of which is from the group Bon Iver.  I had read about them in Relevant Magazine a while back, and then seen them on Jimmy Fallon a couple times and was really intrigued.

They are something different.

Their songs were written to serve the idea/inspiration behind the song, not any radio demographic.  The vocals are haunting and the orchestration is at times sparse and then full, propelling the listener forward into the song.  Bon Iver has created something magic with this album.  I find I must pay careful attention when I drive listening to it, otherwise I end up in the middle of nowhere.  Having been driving aimlessly being too caught up in the music to remember to turn.

If you are a fan of good music, I’d check them out.

Anyway, here’s Holocene off of Bon Iver:

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