On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

This past Sunday at Oakland Baptist we sang an arrangement of the classic hymn On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand.  This is an arrangement I came up with a while back, but one that I could not get to work right.  It just never really settled into what the song should be. It always felt a little forced and the changes never seemed to feel right…

Then one day I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and it was Yacht Rock night!  What is Yacht Rock you ask – well according to the Jimmy Fallon folks “yacht rock is the popular soft rock that peaked between the years of 1975 and 1984 (but will eternally play on a summer breeze blowing through the jasmine in my mind).”

Turns out I needed to dial up the sweet sounds of Yacht Rock to make the song work.

So we kept the tempo down, the guitars clean, and let it flow.

Anyway – here’s a little video from this past Sunday of the team at Oakland Baptist leading worship with On Jordan’s Stormy Banks!

And if you are interested in the changes for this arrangement I wrote for On Jordan’s Stormy Banes – I’ve included a link below:
On Jordan’s Stormy Banks


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