Just sing

It is always a blessing to be surrounded by folks with talent.

I have been blessed to work with many amazing folks, and at Oakland Baptist Church I’ve been doubly blessed.  There are so many wonderfully talented folks who selflessly share their gifts each and every Sunday.

One such person has been Courtney, who graduates from Winthrop University this Saturday!  She mentioned she’d love to share a song on morning in worship but she wasn’t sure of a song.  So one evening after rehearsal we ran through several things.  We tried this, and we tried that – nothing seemed to quite work.  I flipped to the old spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and ran through it a couple different ways, still not working.

Then I said to Courtney, “Just sing.

Sing it how comes.  Don’t worry about anything, let the song guide you.

Well, then it worked.  The girl can sing.

Here’s Courtney singing Swing Low during worship:

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