new beginnings

I have never been the biggest reader of my Bible.  I try, really, but…

As I’ve been reading more and really making an attempt to get deeper in the Bible life in our house has gotten wild.  It has seemed like the Bible is not something to just read – but something to be lived and experienced.

When my wife was in seminary we chatted about where we’d like to live.  She has a calling for campus ministry, and those appointments (in Methodist-speak, my wife is a pastor in the UMC) sometimes are hard to come by; you might have to be a little open as to where you’d like to live.  I vividly remember my response:  Anywhere but Rock Hill or Florida.  (We both went to college at Winthrop in Rock Hill and I had no desire to return, and I had never been a big fan of Florida – alligators, über heat, hurricanes…)

Well, Narcie is finishing her 6th year as the Campus Minister at the Winthrop Wesley Foundation, in Rock Hill.  And in a few weeks we are moving to Gainesville, Florida, where she will be the Campus Minister and Director of Gator Wesley.

Funny God.  Ha ha.

I’m reminded of the story of Abraham.  Who left everything he knew – for the calling of God.  That has been a story of faith I have been leaning on whenever I start getting a bit worried about our upcoming move.

In Florida we will have no family – and we don’t really know anyone in Gainesville.  I’m not even certain I could pick out the state flag of Florida.  It could have an orange with mouse ears for all I know.

But I am certain that I will start and end each day around a table with my family.

And no matter what may come – God will be present – and see us through.

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