There are those times when a song will grab me.

I’ll throw in a CD while driving the kids to/from school/dance/swimming/church/life to give a band a listen, or just to listen through a “mixed tape” to find some gems for use in worship – and one just jumps out!

The song comes at me and something within the structure of the song, the melody, the orchestration, the lyrics – anything – just reaches out and takes a hold of me and will not let go.  I will listen to that one track for days until it has been fully absorbed – a complete saturation if you will.

Recently I came across one of those songs that will not let go.

Captured by The Digital Age.

They are a great new band made up of members from the David Crowder*Band – and they are doing some amazing things – do give them a listen!

But the song Captured is something special – it has a message of love and grace – but given with excitement!  The song has an infectious melody and the orchestration delivers the message with passion!

Here it is:

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