Fully Engaged

Recently I discovered the podcast “Happy Sad Confused.”
Simple, to the point interviews with a variety of guest in a free form, yet on point, discussion about more than the guest’s most recent project they’re pushing.

So I was scrolling through the interviews to decide who I would listen to and I saw one with Al Pacino.  Now, I’m not a Scarface nut or anything – but the Godfather (one and two) may be two of my favorite movies.  I checked out the description of the interview with Pacino, who was described as a “fully engaged human” – – and I just stopped —  what an awesome phrase!  Doesn’t this tell you everything you need to know about chilling with Mr. Pacino.  It lets you know how he handles himself and how he treats those around him.

Then the question came to me:

 Are we fully engaged as Christians?

Do we engage in active Christianity and demonstrate the radical Love of Christ with the people we interact with throughout our day?

Or do we pick up our Christianity on the steps of the church and leave it in the pews as we exit for the week?

What would the church, our homes, our communities, our lives be if we (who proclaim to be the people of God) truly lived our lives as Fully Engaged Christians?

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