A church for the Broken

broken-down-churchRecently I came to a realization – I have no need for Christian Apologetics.

Apologetics is the practice of defending a position through the systematic use of information. Often in a way to defended one’s faith against critics – or to share one’s faith with a non-believer (thanks Wikipedia).

The logic of using apologetics really spoke to me for years – it provides lots of layers of safety from which one shares stories of faith and has a very logical approach.  I feel like 90% of all sermons I have ever heard use Apologetics.  I mean, how many times have you heard a sermon supported by three points, or the pastor gave the sermon in list form?

But what if we as a Church opened ourselves to one another – in all of our broken glory.  Rather than trying to convince someone of the the love of Christ – we as a body show how we have been the lonely, weak, oppressed, hungry, searching, hopeful, longing…and it is through Christ we have been reborn.

Imagine if worship was a gathering in our desire for wholeness with a Loving God – the God of compassion and peace – worship as a time to gather as one in the awesome wonder of God – rather than an intellectual exercise into the wonder of God.

And in this gathering, we as a Body welcome all who are searching for God.

We welcome all with open arms.

There is no prerequisite to enter into a relationship with Christ.  No test of knowledge, no test of righteousness, no test of holiness, no test for giving ability, no test for allegiance to denomination.

Simply come and worship.  Come and know God.

God has prepared a place for each and every one of us.  A place to come and rest, to lay down our burdens.

If we as a church opened ourselves to others, and gathered in celebration of our Loving God to bring about a loving, welcoming, open community for the Kingdom of God – imagine what that would do in our communities for the Glory of God.

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