…and the infinite Love of God

Sometimes life lessons come from funny places.

My 9th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Foster, taught one of the best lessons about the infinite love of God I have ever witnessed.  Now, was he actually teaching about God?  No.  However, the lesson taken away (in my case) was clearly about something other than what he had as the stated goal for that morning’s lesson.

Mr. Foster was introducing us to the concepts of infinity.  He was illustrating this with the concept that a line of any length has an infinite number of points within it.

To prove this point he drew two lines on the chalk board.
One was about three feet in length.
The other was about a foot in length.

He then made the statement that each line had the same amount of points, the number being an infinite amount.

Of course this class of 14/15 year olds were quick to say, “No way man!”  “The bigger line has to have more!”  Mr. Foster simply smiled.

A volunteer was asked to prove the longer line contained more points, Keith shot up out of his desk to get the better of our teacher.

Then Keith made two points on his line.
Mr. Foster made two.

Keith then made three.
Mr. Foster made three.

Next Keith quickly made five.
Mr. Foster quickly made five…

Looks of confusion on our faces and laughter ensued; our teenage minds had been opened and blown to more fully understand the concept of infinity.

Such a simple exercise to demonstrate the how there are infinite amounts of points on a line.

And just as those two lines had an infinite amount of points, God’s love of us can only be quantified with the infinite, the never ending, as far as the east is from the west.

God loves you.  God love me.  Period.

And when we invite Jesus into our lives, when we lift our prayers to the heavens, when we choose to live in the shelter and shadow of God we experience that awesome love.

The Love which is never ending, infinite.

God loves us.  Regardless of whether you’ve been a faithful fellow following for fifty years, or just beginning to know Jesus a few minutes.  God loves you.

I rejoice knowing God is a God of infinite love, compassion, grace, and mercy.


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