Shelter in the Storm

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”
These words are an Old Irish Proverb and they strike at the heart of what those of us who live in areas affected by Hurricane Matthew are witnessing.

In the days before the arrival of Hurricane Matthew folks were helping one another lift heavy generators into the bed of pick-ups; where sand was dropped folks helped one another fill up bags and carry each others’ loads to vehicles; and in our streets neighbors helped neighbors clear yards and prep houses for the incoming storm.

During the storm people willingly braved the elements to help one another;
and freely shared information about homes and neighborhoods with those who had left.

Now communities are coming together to repair, rebuild, and heal.

Let us be the shelter to those who may need it.  Let us show compassion for those who may need assistance after the storm.  Let us offer love and peace to those in our communities.

We remember the words of Psalm 46 and give thanks that God was (and is) present with us during life’s storms, and is our ever present refuge through whatever may come our way.

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