Tomorrow is Election Day.

This is a time when what divides us as Americans comes to the forefront of the news, our thoughts, conversations, and especially social media feeds.

But let’s keep in mind Matthew 5:44 when Jesus said, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who harass you.

Let us remember those words of Jesus today, tomorrow, and the coming weeks and months as we elect our new leaders.  While many of us may have different ideas about what may be the best way to run our government, we can come together in the unifying LOVE of Jesus.  And either way the election falls our nation is in desperate need of the healing power of Christ.

Be that healing power.  Reach across the ideological divide and show mercy, compassion, and LOVE for those who you feel are your enemies.  And pray.   Pray for those who harass you and those you love.  Pray for your family, friends, school, our town, state, and nation.

We remember we are first called to make disciples of Christ
and bring about the Kingdom of God.


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