The Silence and the New Song

Every day I find myself waking up very early.
At first this was quite troublesome for me.
However, now I greatly enjoy this practice.

My morning begins in silence.

Ecclesiastes 3:7
            A time for keeping silent
            and a time for speaking.

I sit in silence (sipping on a hot cup of coffee these cold mornings)
and wait.
Then, I hear the birds begin to greet the morning.

Every morning a new song begins the day.

Isaiah 42:10
            Sing to the Lord a new song!
            Sing his praise from the ends of the earth!

Psalm 98:1:
            Sing to the Lord a new song
            because he has done wonderful things!

The silence brings stillness to my soul,
and thankfulness overcomes me when I hear the birds’ song.

Let us take time every day and welcome the silence and the new song.

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