You’ll always be…

The other evening I put on Drew Holcomb’s Live at the Ryman record (yes, a “real” vinyl album) as my daughter was picking up the last of her things in our living room before bed.

The needle dropped on the first song of Side C and You will always Be My Girl began to play.

When the gentle waltz began Evy rushed over with her hands out asking to dance, which I happily obliged.  She quietly counted, “ONE, two, three.  ONE, two, three…” as she stood on my feet.  Then she looked up and stretched out her arms and I picked her up and held her tight as we rocked with the music.

After Drew Holcomb sang the first chorus, “You will always be, you will always be; You will always be…my girl,” Evy, with her head resting on my shoulder quietly whispered:

“You will always be my Daddy.”

Life is pretty good.

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