Leading music for worship in a contemporary/modern style can be tricky. There is the delicate balance between leading congregation singing and playing the music in a pleasing manner, which can quickly fall into performing for the congregation.

How does one approach this task in a manner which engages the congregation to participate fully in worship, yet also offer to God something pleasing?

Standing in the Need of Prayer

During planning for worship a while back Bob, the pastor at Oakland Baptist Church in Rock Hill, mentioned he was going to make use of the old hymn ​Standing in the Need of Prayer​ for this past week’s sermon.

On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

This past Sunday at Oakland Baptist we sang an arrangement of the classic hymn ​On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand​. This is an arrangement I came up with a while back, but one that I could not get to work right. It just never really settled into what the song should be. It always felt a little forced and the changes never seemed to feel right…

Yeah, this will work…

Yeah, this will work…

I have had the pleasure – or burden – to be at the beginning many times. Church starts, music teams, and Contemporary Worship services.

A few years ago I was asked to help start a contemporary worship service at St. John’s in Fort Mill. In the years since I have seen many such services begun, and many more that have ceased to exist.