Sunday in Worship

This past Sunday in The Journey at St. John’s UMC in Fort Mill, SC, was a special Sunday. Our friend, Tom Conlon, shared some beautiful music as part of the message during worship. Tom’s has a unique voice – I almost feel he could have been an R&B singer, or in a band like Maroon 5, if it weren’t for the fact that he writes the most amazing songs. Well anyway, Tom’s songs went perfect with the sermon Narcie delivered, and I thought I would share them all with you.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

A while back Narcie when Narcie was firming up all of Wesley’s escapades for the semester she mentioned she would be out here and there – and she needed someone to preach on occasion… Guess who volunteered for today? “I’ll do it.” Those words just shot out of my mouth again, so for my lack of personal restraint- I apologize. But here we go: