I have the privilege of leading music in two unique church settings! You are more than welcome to join in worship at either:

Creative Worship @OaklandBaptist

The Creative Worship is the early service at Oakland Baptist.  Worship begins at 9.00 am Sunday mornings and is help in the gym of the church.  Oakland is a great church and has a place for the young and young at heart!  The Creative Worship at Oakland is in a contemporary style, always something exciting, something meaningful, something for the greater glory of God.  Come and join us in worship!


Worship @WinthropWesley

The Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist Campus Ministry at Winthrop University.  Wesley is located at 406 Stewart Ave, Rock Hill; right next to Winthrop’s Campus. This service is geared towards students at Winthrop University, but all are welcome! If you are longing for a deeper relationship with Christ, or wondering what all this Christianity stuff is about – check out Worship at the Wesley Foundation.

*Worship will resume when the Fall Semester begins at Winthrop!

Come as you are.


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